We are an experimental quantum optics group run by Kevin Resch, based in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.

Genuine three-photon interference selected as a 2017 breakthrough

A collaborative work led by Thomas Jennewein’s group with our group, both at IQC and the Department of Physics & Astronomy, Gregor Weihs’ group from the University of Innsbruck, and Deny Hamel from Universite Moncton has been chosen as a Physics World Top 10 Breakthrough for 2017. The original paper was published in Physical Review […]

Kent Fisher wins 2017 WP Pearson Medal and new group members

Kent Fisher was awarded the WB Pearson medal for his outstanding PhD thesis, Photons & Phonons: A room-temperature diamond quantum memory. Congratulations Kent!

Also, welcome to Patrick who is (re)joining the group as an MSc candidate and welcome to Austin who is joining us for the summer after USEQIP!

About the Pearson award: This medal […]

Welcome Morgan and congratulations to Drs John and Kent

Morgan Mastrovich has joined the group as an MSc candidate and wasted no time in publishing her first paper with us – Welcome Morgan!

John Donohue successfully defended his PhD thesis, Ultrafast manipulation of single photons using dispersion and sum-frequency generation. Congratulations Dr John!

Kent Fisher successfully defended his PhD thesis, Photons & Phonons: A […]

Patrick joins the group

Patrick Daley has joined us for the summer from McMaster University to work in the group and attend the USEQIP summer school. Welcome Patrick!

Light Illuminated

Congratulations to Ian, Kent, Aimee, Sarah, Jean-Philippe, and Mike for their contribution to the exhibition ‘Light Illuminated: Celebrating Light & Light-based Technologies‘ at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener as part of the UN 2015 International Year of Light. The exhibit effectively, interactively, and accessibly describes the physical aspects of light such as polarization, interference, and the speed […]


…to JP for being awarded the NSERC Vanier scholarship!

…to Mike for winning the NSERC CGS-D scholarship!

…to John for being recognized with an IQC achievement award and the David Johnston Award for Scientific Outreach!

…to Kent for winning the Ontario Graduate Scholarship!

…to Jeff for being awarded the NSERC CGS-D scholarship!


…to John for being awarded the NSERC CSG-D scholarship!

…to Mike for winning the Dean of Science Award for his MSc thesis!

…to Megan for being awarded the NSERC Vanier scholarship and completing the MSc!

…to Lydia for completing the MSc!

Jean-Phillipe wins prestigious prize

Jean-Phillipe has won the 2013 NSERC André Hamer Postgraduate Prize.

The NSERC AndrĂ© Hamer Postgraduate Prizes are awarded to the most outstanding candidates in NSERC‘s master’s and doctoral scholarship competitions. Valued at $10,000 each, the prizes were established by Arthur McDonald, winner of the 2003 Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering, in […]


…to Jonathan for being chosen for an NSERC PDF and an IQC achievement award!

…to Deny for being selected for a 2013 UW Physics Special Graduate Scholarship and an IQC achievement award!

…to Kent for winning the Governor General Gold Medal for his outstanding MSc work!

…to Mike for successful completion of his MSc!

Update […]

Lydia, Megan, and Madeleine join the group

Lydia Vermeyden and Megan Agnew have joined the group as MSc students; Madeleine Bonsma is working with us for her co-op work term. Welcome all!