We are an experimental quantum optics group run by Kevin Resch, based in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.


Graduate students

We are always interested in hearing from highly motivated students who are interested in experimental quantum optics for graduate degrees.  Please send an email to Kevin with your CV and transcript.

Graduate students interested in working with my group should apply to the Department of Physics and Astronomy for the Physics or Quantum Information (IQC Collaborative) programs.  Admission to graduate programs in physics is handled by the Guelph-Waterloo Physics Institute (GWPI).  Also consider applying for IQC’s  scholarships.  For more information on graduate school at IQC see here.

Undergraduate and Co-op students

We occasionally have positions for very strong undergraduate or co-op students.  Interested students are encouraged to email Kevin (with your CV and transcript) and apply for an NSERC Undergraduate student research award (USRA) or an IQC summer internship.

At University of Waterloo, the USRA process has two stages; first one fills out a departmental application, then if successful the NSERC form with their potential supervisor. See here for the forms, contact information, and more details.

The IQC undergraduate research awards can be applied for using the web form found here.  Contact Martin Laforest for more information.

Students should also consider applying for the Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information Processing.  This is an annual conference combining theory and practice in the quantum information field.  The photo shows the participants from USEQIP 2009 trying to violate Bell’s inequalities using entangled photon pairs in our lab; yes, they were successful.  Contact Martin Laforest for more information.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Interested post-doctoral candidates should apply through IQC’s PDF application site.