We are an experimental quantum optics group run by Kevin Resch, based in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.

Genuine three-photon interference selected as a 2017 breakthrough

A collaborative work led by Thomas Jennewein’s group with our group, both at IQC and the Department of Physics & Astronomy, Gregor Weihs’ group from the University of Innsbruck, and Deny Hamel from Universite Moncton has been chosen as a Physics World Top 10 Breakthrough for 2017.  The original paper was published in Physical Review Letters:

Observation of Genuine Three-Photon Interference. Sascha Agne, Thomas Kauten, Jeongwan Jin, Evan Meyer-Scott, Jeff Z. Salvail, Deny R. Hamel, Kevin J. Resch, Gregor Weihs, and Thomas Jennewein, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 153602 (2017).

The citation from Physics World reads:

To Sascha Agne and Thomas Jennewein of the University of Waterloo and colleagues and Stefanie Barz, Steve Kolthammer and Ian Walmsley of the University of Oxford and colleagues for independently measuring quantum interference involving three photons. Seeing the effect is very difficult because it requires the ability to deliver three indistinguishable photons to the same place at the same time and also to ensure that single-photon and two-photon interference effects are eliminated from the measurements. As well as providing deep insights into the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, three-photon interference could also be used in quantum cryptography and quantum simulators.

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