We are an experimental quantum optics group run by Kevin Resch, based in the Department of Physics & Astronomy and the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.

Photon Icqubit published in PRL

Our article, Certifying the Presence of a Photonic Qubit by Splitting It in Two, by Evan Meyer-Scott, Daniel McCloskey, Klaudia Gołos, Jeff Z. Salvail, Kent A. G. Fisher, Deny R. Hamel, Adán Cabello, Kevin J. Resch, and Thomas Jennewein just appeared in Physical Review Letters. The paper was chosen as an Editors’ Suggestion.

Abstract: We […]

Quantum caus…………ality in Nature Physics

Our article, A quantum advantage for inferring causal structure, by Katja Reid, Megan Agnew, Lydia Vermeyden, Dominik Janzing, Rob Spekkens, and Kevin Resch just appeared in Nature Physics. Giulio Chirabella wrote a News and Views piece on it entitled, Quantum information: Good causes.

Abstract: The problem of inferring causal relations from observed correlations is relevant […]

Hi Efcncy Sngl Phtn Bndwth Cmprsn in PRA

Our article, Theory of high-efficiency sum-frequency generation for single-photon waveform conversion, by John Donohue, Mike Mazurek, and Kevin Resch was just published in Physical Review A. The article studies the problem of single photon frequency conversion using sum-frequency generation, calculating how well the properties of the upconverted photon match a simpler first-order approximation.

Abstract: The […]

Quantum carats in PRL

Our new article Storage and Retrieval of THz-Bandwidth Single Photons Using a Room-Temperature Diamond Quantum Memory by D.G. England, K.A.G. Fisher, J-P.W. MacLean, P.J. Bustard, R. Lausten, K.J. Resch, and B.J. Sussman was published in Physical Review Letters. The work is the result of a great collaboration between our group and Ben Sussman’s Quantum Technology […]

Ultrafast entangled-photon demultiplexing in PRL

We have a new paper in Physical Review Letters entitled, Ultrafast Time-Division Demultiplexing of Polarization-Entangled Photons, by John Donohue, Jonathan Lavoie, and Kevin Resch.

Abstract: Maximizing the information transmission rate through quantum channels is essential for practical implementation of quantum communication. Time-division multiplexing is an approach for which the ultimate rate requires the ability to […]

Polarization-entangled photon triplets in Nature Photonics

Check out our new paper in Nature Photonics entitled, Direct generation of three-photon polarizaton entanglement, by Deny R. Hamel, Lynden K. Shalm, Hannes Hübel, Aaron J. Miller, Francesco Marsili, Varun B. Verma, Richard P. Mirin, Sae Woo Nam, Kevin J. Resch, and Thomas Jennewein.

Abstract: Non-classical states of light are of fundamental importance for emerging […]

Separating photon triplets to test quantum nonlocality

We have a new paper out (online) in Nature Photonics today entitled, Experimental three-photon quantum nonlocality under strict locality conditions, by Chris Erven, Evan Mayer-Scott, Kent Fisher, Jonathan Lavoie, Brendon Higgins, Zhizhong Yan, Chris Pugh, Jean-Phillipe Bourgoin, Robert Prevedel, Krister Shalm, Laura Richards, Nick Gigov, Raymond Laflamme, Gregor Weihs, Thomas Jennewein, and Kevin Resch. This […]

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Our new paper, Quantum Computing on encrypted data, by Kent Fisher, Anne Broadbent, Krister Shalm, Zhizhong Yan, Jonathan Lavoie, Robert Prevedel, Thomas Jennewein, and Kevin Resch was published in Nature Communications.

Abstract: The ability to perform computations on encrypted data is a powerful tool for protecting privacy. Recently, protocols to achieve this on classical computing […]

Ultrafast time-bin qubits in PRL

We have a new paper Coherent Ultrafast Measurement of Time-Bin Encoded Photons by John Donohue, Megan Agnew, Jonathan Lavoie, and Kevin Resch which has just been published in Physical Review Letters. The paper was chosen as an Editors Suggestion and reviewed in the article It’s a Good Time for Time-Bin Qubits by Todd Pittman (University […]

Squashing single photons in Nature Photonics

Our paper entitled, Spectral compression of single photons by Jonathan Lavoie, John Donohue, Logan Wright, Alessandro Fedrizzi (U. Queensland), and Kevin Resch, was published in Nature Photonics.

Abstract: Photons are critical to quantum technologies because they can be used for virtually all quantum information tasks, for example, in quantum metrology, as the information carrier in […]