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About Us

QPL Group Photo 2022

The research in the Quantum Photonics Laboratory centers on the applications of quantum photonics and quantum optics, as well as the fundamental aspects of the quantum world. We are involved in the experimental design and demonstrations of   quantum photonics devices suitable for communication and computing with photons, and the development of ultra-long distance quantum communication systems using terrestrial and satellite-based systems. We are developing photonic quantum entanglement sources for various quantum protocols, and have pioneered the direct generation of three photon entangled states from cascaded parametric down conversion.

This field combines information processing technologies with the laws of quantum physics and is at the forefront of research today, giving rise to powerful new information tools such as quantum computing and quantum cryptography. Our group is a part of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.

Motivated students are very welcome to contact Professor Thomas Jennewein directly for more details. Our laboratory is primarily located at the Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre (QNC).

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Group Leader

Thomas Jennewein

CSA-Jennewein-12[44] copy

Thomas Jennewein is a faculty member of the Institute for Quantum Computing and holds a position of an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. He is an affiliate of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo and a scholar of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) in the Quantum Information Processing program, and an associated member of INO. His research focuses on the applications of quantum photonics and quantum optics, in particular for long-distance quantum communications in free-space and with satellites, as well as fundamental aspects of the quantum world.

Prof. Jennewein completed his PhD in 2002 at the University of Vienna. His thesis research on quantum communication and teleportation experiments with entangled photon pairs was awarded the Loschmidt-Prize by the Austrian Physical-Chemical Society. From 2004–2009, Prof. Jennewein was a Senior Scientist at the Vienna branch of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI), working on experimental quantum photonics. Prof. Jennewein has played a key role in the advancement of long-distance transmission of entangled photons over free space, and his work on quantum cryptography using entangled photons was selected by the American Physical Society as one of the “Top Ten Highlights of 2000.”

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Group Members


Prof. Thomas Jennewein

Research Scientists and Collaborators

Dr. Paul Godin

Dr. Brendon Higgins

Dr. Katanya Kuntz

Dr. Shihan Sajeed

Dr. Yujie Zhang

Management & Administration

Brian Moffat

Gail Bender

PhD Students

Pablo Palacios Avila

Kimia Mohammadi

Henri Morin

Luke Neal 

Sung Eun (Paul) Oh

Stéphane Vinet

Wilson Wu

Masters Students

Alex Kirillova

Matt Piatt

Justin Schrier

Undergrad Students 

Tabitha Arulpragasam

Muhammad Faisal Aziz
Lindsay Babcock Andrew Bahlmann
Christian Barna Noura Bayat
Lauren Brown Ria Chakraborty
Veronica Chatrath Derek Churchill
Artur Czerwiński Jennifer Katherine Fernick
Simon Friesen Daniel Gustaw
Kayla Hardie Bassam Helou
Joe Itoi Jacob Koenig
Allison MacDonald Nikola Sarah Mang
Ian McMullan Shravan Mishra
Marta Palucka Shihong Pan
Isabelle Racicot Huan-Yi Shen
Garen Simpson Jakub Szlachetka
 Marilyne Thibault  Guanlun Zhao


Former Members & Current Collaborators

Elena Anisimova Andrew Bahlmann
Maria Fernanda Ortegon Banoy Christian Barna
Jean-Philippe Bourgoin Poompong Chaiwongkhot
Eric Choi Artur Czerwiński
Audrey Dot Ian DSouza
Chris Erven Dominic Fluet
Nick Gigov Thomas Guenthner
 Aimee (Heinrichs) Gunther Bettina Heim
Catherine Holloway Rolf Horn
Sara Hosseini Hannes Hübel
Kelsey Johnsen Piotr Kolenderski
Daniel Kun Joanna Krynski
Youn Seok Lee Xiaoran (Nicole) Li
Thomas Lutz Evan Meyer-Scott
Vinodh Raj Rajagopal Muthu Bienvenu Ndagano
 Sascha Agne Victor Reyes Osorio
Antonio Scotland Dogan Sinar
Shubham Singh Urbasi Sinha
Sebastian Slaman Matthew Taylor
Ramy Tannous Zhizhong Yan
Mujtaba Zahidy Tong Zhao
Nigar Sultana Julien-Pierre Houle
 Freya Shah Lukas Letuha
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