Ongoing and Recent Academic Collaborations

  • Martin Rochette, McGill
    Study of photon conversion in micro-wire, (PRA 2014, APL 2015).
  • Kevin Resch, U Waterloo
    Very tight collaboration on the generation of photon triplets in cascaded SPDC, locality-loop-hole free tests of quantum entanglement (Nature 2010, Nature Phys. 2012Nature Comm. 2013Nature Phot. 2014, Nature Phot. 2014).
  • Sae-Woo Nam and Krister Shalm, NIST Boulder
    For creating entangled photon triplets as well as towards loop-hole free Bell-tests (Nature Phot. 2014).
  • Alberto Tosi, Milano
    Experimental study of advanced single-photon detectors and arrays (Sci. Rep. 2014, J. Appl. Phys. 2014).
  • Vadim Makarov, U Waterloo
    Study on the security of free space quantum links; detectors for the satellite payload (several publications submitted).
  • Robert Zee, UToronto
    Satellite systems.
  • Christoph Simon, U Calgary
    Study of three-photon entanglement (Nature Phys 2013), quantum repeaters (submitted).
  • Amr Helmy, U Toronto
    Study of entangled source based on AlGaAs samples (Sci. Rep. 2013).
  • Adan Cabello, Seville
    Experiments on qutrit protocols (PRA 2012) and Bell-tests.
  • Urbasi Sinha, RRI
    Multi-dimensional systems, satellite quantum sources.
  • Anton Zeilinger and Rupert Ursin, Vienna
    Collaboration on the European quantum satellite project, ultra-long-distance quantum teleportation (Nature Phys. 2012).
  • Alipasha Vaziri, Vienna
    Study of entanglement enhanced two-photon absorption.
  • Gregor Weihs, Innsbruck
    ending short-wavelength entangled photons over telecom fibres (APL 2010), and ultra-stable interferometers for photon triplets.

Industrial Collaborations

  • Honeywell Canada, Cambridge/Ottawa
  • COMDEV Inc., Cambridge
  • National Institute of Optics (INO), Quebec City
  • Excelitas, Montreal
  • Neptec, Ottawa
  • C2C, Hamilton
  • Xiphos, Montreal
  • DotFast Systems, Kufstein

Partnerships and Funding


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Canadian Space Agency (CSA)


Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)


COM DEV International Ltd. (COM DEV)


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Government of Ontario, Canada

Ontario Research Fund (ORF), Early Researcher Award (ERA) and FedDev Ontario