Lab Resources

Below is a list of selected resources, tools, and equipment available to our lab:

  • 6 optical tables (Newport)
  • 1 Ti:sapphire ps mode-locked laser with optical parametric oscillator (Coherent)
  • 1 Ti:sapphire fs laser (Atseva)
  • 1 Verdi continuous pump laser, 18W (Coherent)
  • 1 Lighthouse Photonics Pump laser
  • Various lasers: HeNe gas laser, and Laser Diodes at 405nm, 532nm, 780nm 1550nm (Toptica, Melles, Crystallasers, Thorlabs, Agilent)
  • 1 tunable laser diode DL100-pro (Toptica)
  • Detectors: 20+ Si (Exceletus), 4+ Si (PMD), 4+ InGaAs (idQuantiqe)
  • 2 Superconducting Nanowire detectors (Quantum Opus)
  • Wavefront Analyzers (Otek)
  • 10 time-tagging and logic counters: high-speed coincidence correlation and counting logics (UQD)
  • 2 time interval analyzers (Becker&Hickel)
  • 1 Michelson spectrometer (Bristol)
  • 1 Grating spectrometer with liquid-nitrogen cooled CCD (Hamamtsu)
  • 2 laser spectrometer analyzers (Anritsu)
  • Various motorization stages (rotation/translation) (Newport)
  • 3 beam characterization systems (Data Ray)
  • 1 electronic spectrometer and network analyzer (Agilent)
  • Various signal generators, oscilloscopes and electronic instruments (Tektronix, Agilent, etc)
  • Various opto-mechanical and optical components (Thorlabs, Newport, NewFocus)
  • 1 Pickup Truck (Mazda)
  • 3 Mobile lab trailers for field experiments
  • Various telescopes
  • 1 Aubo robot arm

We have an active free-space quantum link with the senders operating from a dome on the roof of the Research Advancement Centre (RAC) building, which is connected with optical fibres to a lab. Three movable stations are implemented with trailers, currently located in fields about 500 m from the senders. We also have a pickup truck which is used to move trailers, as well as act as the moving quantum transceiver platform.

We also have access to high performance computing resources: a cluster based on AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon CPUs using Sun Grid Engine (distributed resource management software ); Maple, Matlab, Mathematica (computer algebra systems); LabVIEW; and Zemax OpticStudio (optical simulation software).