Welcome to the Laboratory for Quantum Information with Trapped Ions (QITI) of Prof. K. Rajibul Islam! We are a predominantly experimental research group at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Laser-cooled trapped ions are among the most pristine and controllable quantum systems. The QITI laboratory is building a programmable trapped ion quantum simulator with Ytterbium ions, with control at the level of individual atoms for studying problems in quantum many-body physics and computation.

The research team


QITI group members 

QITI-Ions are friendly with Ions in Prof. Crystal Senko’s group, forming a bigger IQC-Ions group!



17 Dec 2019 –  Here is a pre-print version of a review article on quantum simulation with trapped ions. The article focuses on analog spin simulation, and discusses the progress in this field so far. (arxiv.1912.07845).

08 Oct 2019 –  Our manuscript “Machine learning design of a trapped-ion quantum spin simulator” is on arXiv.1910.02496. We demonstrate that a machine learning neural network can be used to efficiently engineer an arbitrary spin-spin interaction graph on an analog quantum simulator.

24 Sept 2019 – Rajibul is recognized with the Ontario ‘Early Researcher Award’! Read the IQC news coverage.

11 – 13 Sept 2019 – Congratulations to Gilbert and Nikhil for successfully defending their master’s thesis!

13 Aug 2019 – Here’s a picture of eight laser-cooled Ytterbium (174 isotope) ions in a linear chain! The image was taken using an off-the-shelf Thorlabs 0.1 NA objective and a cheap (~$300) CMOS camera. The ions are approximately 8 microns apart. Read more on the Physics and Astronomy webpage.


22 – 26 July 2019 – Sainath, Roland, and Rajibul attended the second North American Conference on Trapped Ions at College Park, Maryland! Sainath and Roland presented a poster, and Rajibul gave an invited talk. 

19 July 2019 – We have trapped, laser-cooled, and crystallized Ytterbium ions in a four-rod Paul trap!

Two Yb 174 ions

27 Jun 2019 – We have moved into our new lab-space in the basement of QNC building (QNC B221). 

12 Jun 2019 – Sainath receives the Dean of Science Award for his MSc thesis! Congratulations! Read the IQC news coverage. 

26 Apr 2019 – “Dynamical Hamiltonian engineering of 2D rectangular lattices in a one-dimensional ion chain” is published in npj Quantum Information (Nature Publishing Group).
npj Quantum Information 5, 32 (2019)

1 Sep 2018 – Dr. Manas Sajjan joins the group for a graduate school in experimental quantum physics, after successfully completing his first PhD at University of Chicago in theoretical chemistry!

22 Aug 2018 – Rajibul gives the `experimentalist of the week’ talk at the Dynamics of Quantum Information program at KITP, UC Santa Barbara. [Video]

18 Aug 2018 – Our experimentally feasible theoretical proposal to create 2D spin lattices from a one dimensional chain of ions is on arXiv! It is a collaboration with UC Berkeley and Army Research Laboratory. [See More]

15 Aug 2018 – Undergraduate researcher Nikolay Videnov presents his work on making an injection locked diode laser at 369.5 nm at the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC) at University of Alberta.

07 Aug 2018 – Sainath defends his M.Sc thesis successfully! He will continue as a PhD student in the group. Congratulations, Sainath!

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Quantum Nano Centre

Home of the QITI lab – the Quantum Nano Centre at IQC, University of Waterloo (Image credit- IQC)