Welcome to the Laboratory for Quantum Information with Trapped Ions (QITI) of Prof. K. Rajibul Islam! We are a predominantly experimental research group at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Laser-cooled trapped ions are among the most pristine and controllable quantum systems. The QITI laboratory is building a programmable trapped ion quantum simulator with Ytterbium ions, with control at the level of individual atoms for studying problems in quantum many-body physics and computation.

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QITI group members 

QITI-Ions are friendly with Ions in Prof. Crystal Senko’s group, forming a bigger IQC-Ions group!



 21 Jan 2020 – “Machine learning design of a trapped-ion quantum spin simulator” is published in Quantum Science and Technology 5 (2020) 024001, (arXiv.1910.02496). We numerically demonstrate that a machine learning neural network can be used to efficiently solve a non-linear inversion problem in an analog trapped-ion quantum simulator. The method generates experimental control parameters (such as laser intensities on each ions) needed to program a quantum simulator, in particular, to engineer an arbitrary spin lattice geometry in one, two, and three dimensions using a linear chain of ions! 

17 Dec 2019 –  Here is a pre-print version of a review article on quantum simulation with trapped ions. The article focuses on analog spin simulation, and discusses the progress in this field so far. (arxiv.1912.07845).

24 Sept 2019 – Rajibul is recognized with the Ontario ‘Early Researcher Award’! Read the IQC news coverage.

11 – 13 Sept 2019 – Congratulations to Gilbert and Nikhil for successfully defending their master’s thesis!

13 Aug 2019 – Here’s a picture of eight laser-cooled Ytterbium (174 isotope) ions in a linear chain! The image was taken using an off-the-shelf Thorlabs 0.1 NA objective and a cheap (~$300) CMOS camera. The ions are approximately 8 microns apart. Read more on the Physics and Astronomy webpage.


22 – 26 July 2019 – Sainath, Roland, and Rajibul attended the second North American Conference on Trapped Ions at College Park, Maryland! Sainath and Roland presented a poster, and Rajibul gave an invited talk. 

19 July 2019 – We have trapped, laser-cooled, and crystallized Ytterbium ions in a four-rod Paul trap!

Two Yb 174 ions

27 Jun 2019 – We have moved into our new lab-space in the basement of QNC building (QNC B221). 

12 Jun 2019 – Sainath receives the Dean of Science Award for his MSc thesis! Congratulations! Read the IQC news coverage. 

26 Apr 2019 – “Dynamical Hamiltonian engineering of 2D rectangular lattices in a one-dimensional ion chain” is published in npj Quantum Information (Nature Publishing Group).
npj Quantum Information 5, 32 (2019)

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Quantum Nano Centre

Home of the QITI lab – the Quantum Nano Centre at IQC, University of Waterloo (Image credit- IQC)