Principle Investigator

Jonathan Baugh

Prof. Jonathan Baugh

Associate Professor, Chemistry, IQC

Physics cross-appointment

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Research Assistant Professor

Francois SfigakisDr. Francois Sfigakis
Francois obtained his PhD at Cambridge University with a thesis entitled “Electron transport in etched GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wires”. Prior to that he obtained an MSc from the University of British Columbia and Bachelor’s from McGill University.

Post Doctoral Fellows


Dr. Arjun Shetty                                                                                              Arjun received his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 2016 with a thesis entitled “Device applications of III-nitride semiconductors”. After his PhD, he worked at SanDisk, Bangalore, India from 2016 to 2018 where his work focussed on Si flash memory device reliability. He joined IQC as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the summer of 2018 and he is currently working on undoped AlGaAs/GaAs devices and III-V photodetectors.

Nanofabrication Technician


Andrew Jordan, MSc                                                                              Andrew received his BSc in 2017 and MSc in 2020, both from the University of Waterloo. His work focuses on the fabrication of Silicon quantum dot and SET devices.


Graduate Students

Kay GharaviKaveh Gharavi
Kay obtained his BSc in Physics form Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. He joined IQC in Fall 2011 and his research focuses on studying the physics of superconductor-semiconductor nanoelectronic devices.

Emma BergeronEmma Bergeron
Emma received her BSc from Louisiana State University in 2016. She is currently a Masters student and works on developing topological qubits in InSb and InAs 2D electron gases with superconducting proximity effects.                                                                                   a

Sean WalkerSean Walker
Sean received his BSc from the University of Manitoba in Chemistry and Computer Science in 2009. After working in the field of educational technology, Sean joined IQC as a Masters student in 2013. He currently works on scanning tunneling electron microscopy applied to the study of electronic states in 2D materials such as 1T-TaS2.


Stephen Harrigan                                                                                              Stephen is from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and completed his Honours BSc in Physics-Mathematics at the University of Ottawa. Stephen’s research  focuses on realizing electron and hole spin qubits in silicon and GaAs quantum devices.

RubayaRubaya Absar                                                                                                      Rubaya received her bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering from Bangladesh. Rubaya’s Masters research focuses mainly on developing control circuits for devices that will enable quantum information processing.

BohdanBohdan Khromets                                                                                            Bohdan obtained his BSc with Honors in Applied Physics from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. He joined IQC in Fall 2019 as a Master’s student and is currently working on the comprehensive simulator of a scalable spin-based quantum computer in silicon. He is also involved in the joint project with Prof. Zbigniew Wasilewski, where he                                     investigates low-temperature deposition of aluminum on InAs-based                                         heterostructures with molecular beam epitaxy for the development of                                       topological Majorana qubits.


Alex Currie                                                                                                        Alex Currie received his Honours BSc in Physics from the University of British Columbia. Alex joined IQC as a Physics Master’s student in 2019. He is currently working on realizing silicon quantum dots as well as methods for implementing single qubit rotations.

MaiMai Sakuragi                                                                                                  Mai Sakuragi is a graduate student from Japan who received her BSc in physics from Oregon State University in 2020. She joined IQC in fall 2020 and her research focuses on the physics of graphene hall bar devices.             a

ZachZach Merino                                                                                                  Zach is obtained his BA in physics with a minor in mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Zach continued his studies at UNCC by completing his MSc in applied physics with a focus in computation physics. Zach is currently pursuing a PhD in physics with a concentration in quantum information science from the University of                                       Waterloo.

Undergraduate Student Research Assistants


Benjamin Van Osch                                                                                        Ben is a second year student, expected to complete his BSc in Mathematical Physics at the University of Waterloo in 2024. Ben is interested in pursuing graduate studies in the area of quantum information technology.

Aaranya Alexander                                                                                          Aaranya is a 4th year student from the University of Waterloo, completing a BSc in Nanotechnology Engineering with an option in Quantum Physics. She currently works on electron dynamics simulations in quantum dots, and hopes to continue graduate studies in spin-based QIP and quantum control.

Former students & Alumni

Dr. Daniel Park (PhD)
Postdoctoral Fellow at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Stéphane Labruyere (MSc)                                                                                                                    Senior Software Engineer at The Australian National University

Dr. Chris Haapamaki (PDF)
Angstrom Engineering

Dr. Mustafa Muhammad (PDF)                                                                                                            Intel Corporation

Dr. Yipu Song (PDF)
Research Professor at Tsinghua University

Dr. Daryoush Shiri (PDF)                                                                                                                        Researcher at Chalmers University of Technology

Mike Zhang (MSc)
OLED Engineer at OTI Lumionics

Nupur Gupta (MSc)                                                                                                                                IIT scholarship holder

Dr. Greg Holloway (PhD)
NSERC and OGS holder; IQC Achievement Award; Electron Beam Lithography Scientist  at the Quantum Nanofab, University of Waterloo

Jen Fung (MSc)

Dr. Milad Khoshnegar (PDF)                                                                                                                Nanotech Inc.

Dr. William Coish (PDF)
Assoc. Professor of Physics at McGill University

Dr. Franklin Cho (PDF)                                                                                                                          Center for Quantum Nanoscience, Korea

Dr. Ferhat Aydinoglu (PDF)                                                                                                                  Anyon Systems Inc.    

Eduardo Barrera                                                                                                                        Canadian Banknote Company

Dr. Brandon Buonacorsi (PhD)                                                                                                              Senior design engineer, ASML

Dr. Kyle Willick (PhD)                                                                                                                            NSERC, OGS, WIN fellowship holder

Jomar Sastrillo (Undergrad, USRA, 2015)

Cameron Vojvodin (Undergrad, Chem 494, 2015) 

Victoria Tough (Undergrad, Co-op, 2016) 

Noah Johnson (Undergrad, Summer URA, 2016) 

Joshua Voskamp (Undergrad, Summer URA, 2016)

Kyle Nikolasevic (Undergrad, Co-op, 2017) 

Yijie Chen (Undergrad, Chem 494, 2017)

Praveen Sriram (Undergrad, Summer URA, 2018) 

Benjamin D. Shaw (Undergrad, Co-op, 2018) 

Kyle Nikolasevic (Undergrad, Co-op, 2018) 

Jiahao Li (Undergrad, URA, 2018)

Zachary Parrot (Undergrad, Summer URA, 2019) 

Sukanya Kudva (Undergrad, Summer MITACS internship, 2019)

Kewei Zhou (Undergrad, Summer URA, 2020) 

Jannat Hundal (Research Intern, 2018) 

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