Prof. Baugh at OCE Discovery


Prof. Baugh attended the OCE Discovery technology fair on May 9 in Toronto, and presented his work on “Nanowire-based infrared photodetectors” to the global Chief Technology Officer of Lockheed Martin, Dr. Keoki Jackson (far left in photo). The work is in collaboration with Prof. Ray LaPierre of McMaster University (far right in photo), and from our group involves Eduardo Barrera and Greg Holloway.

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Congratulations Sean and Eduardo!

Sean Walker won the first place poster prize at the Guelph-Waterloo Chemistry annual meeting last week (April 2016).
His poster was titled: “Deposition of functionalized molecular nanomagnets on graphene”  2016AwardsPoster
Eduardo Barrera obtained an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for 2016-2017.
Congrats to both!
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Welcome and Congrats!

Welcome to Milad Khoshnegar and Franklin Cho who have joined the Coherent Spintronics Group as new Postdoctoral Fellows. Milad received his PhD from the University of Waterloo and Franklin finished his PhD from the University of Southern California.

Welcome to Brandon Buonacorsi and Eduardo Barrera who started as new MSc and PhD students last Fall, respectively. Brandon graduated from the University of California-Davis and Eduardo graduated from Carleton University.

Congratulations to Sean Walker who succesfully defended his Master’s thesis last November!

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Arxiv links to recent papers

Several papers completed in 2014 are on the arxiv and have been submitted to various journals for publication. Here are the titles and links:

Theory of Josephson Interference due to Orbital States in a Nanowire Proximity Effect Junction

Josephson Interference due to Orbital States in a Nanowire Proximity Effect Junction

Magnetoconductance signatures of subband structure in semiconductor nanowires

Hyperfine spin qubits in irradiated malonic acid: heat-bath algorithmic cooling

Chiral Quantum Walks

Experimental Estimation of Average Fidelity of a Clifford Gate on a 7-qubit Quantum Processor

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Placing a nanowire with a micromanipulator (video)

Greg Holloway made this really cool video demonstrating the placement of a semiconductor nanowire using our recently home-built micromanipulator tool. This improves dramatically upon the previous method of mechanically depositing many wires randomly on a pre-patterned device substrate, and opens up new possibilities for quantum device fabrication. Nice work Greg!

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New paper in Journal of Applied Physics

Our new paper on Kyle Willick’s research, “Sensitive magnetic force detection with a carbon nanotube resonator”, has just appeared in the Journal of Applied Physics (link).

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Conference presentations

Prof. Baugh attended the NMR QIP conference in Rio de Janeiro this November. His presentation on qubit noise spectroscopy can be found here.

Dr. Chris Haapamaki and Greg Holloway attended the Materials Research Society Fall meeting in Boston this December. Chris presented a talk entitled ‘Evaluation of InAs/InAlAs Core-Shell Nanowire Interface Quality’.

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Welcome and Congrats

Welcome to Sean Walker who starts as a new MSc student this Fall. Sean graduated from the University of Manitoba and holds an NSERC graduate scholarship.

Congratulations to Greg Holloway who won an IQC Achievement Award this term for his body of work on nanowire transport experiments!

Also, farewell to Mustafa Muhammad who completed his postdoctoral appointment this September.

Finally, an article appeared today on our University homepage:

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Student awards

Congrats to Greg Holloway and Kyle Willick on being awarded Ontario Graduate Scholarships this year!

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New Publications

We have three new publications in 2013 on electronic transport studies in InAs and InAs-InAlAs core-shell nanowires!

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